LUMEOLUX user survey

Dear prospective user of LUMEOLUX LED exposure products!
By filling out this survey you can be part of the developing process of our new LED lighting series.
Please answer in short phrases. If you don’t have an answer, just leave the field emty.
Thanks a lot for your assistance!

    1. Which light source do you use?
    (e.g. metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, both for different stages of plant growth)

    2. How many watts did you installed per square meter resp. square foot?
    What is the distance to the plant canopy?

    3. How do you grow?
    (e.g. on tables, benches, multi-level shelves)
    What plant density?
    What table / bench sizes?

    4. Do you use supplemental light (e.g. in a greenhouse) or pure artificial light (exclusion of sunlight)?

    5. Are there any other value adding metabolites of interest for you (beside THC)?

    6. Are you satisfied with the spectral performance of your lamps?

    7. Do you measure light and how?
    (e.g. lux, µmol/area*sec, Watt/area?

    8. If you are using supplemental light:
    How many operating hours do you use your lamps per year?
    What are the peak operating hours per day and in which month?

    9. How do you get paid?
    (e.g. per kg/ounce fresh matter / dry matter, per gramm/ounce substance?

    10. What means quality regarding to you products?
    Does it mean weight per plant or THC content per (fresh) weight or anything else?

    11. What are you expecting when investing in modern LED technologies?
    (e.g. lower costs, less heat, etc.)

    12. When thinking about the running costs, what are the big shares?
    (e.g. labour, energy, plant material, substrates, fertilizer, etc.?
    [In percent please!]

    13. Are you already a specialized company?
    (e.g. young plant production, breeding, etc.)

    14. Do you start cultivation from seeds, cuttings or young plants?
    How do you handle propagation?

    15. If you are starting with cuttings:
    Do you produce cuttings by yourself?
    How do you make your cutting?

    16.How do you plant you cuttings?
    (e.g. directly into pots, in cubes, in trays, etc.)

    17. What kind of substrate do you use?
    (e.g. rock wool, perlite, coco, soil, etc.)

    18. Are you cultivating hydroponically or in mother Earth?

    19. Do you plant in single or double rows?
    What plant density (distance between the plants in the row)?

    20. Which parameter do you measure in your greenhouse(s) or grow chamber(s)?
    (e.g. temperature, humidity, CO2, etc.)

    21. Do you have prefered cultivars?
    Do you prefer taller or shorter cultivars?
    Is there a limitation on THC-content?

    Do you have any further comments or wishes to our products?


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