BottleCrop –
Lettuce and Herbs grown in a Bottle

What Is BottleCrop?

BottleCrop is the smallest hydroponic Urban-Farming-System in the world. It was developed to cultivate lettuce and herbs on a windowsill. The handling is as easy as pie and you can reuse BottleCrop again and again. Once set up, no additional watering or care is required until harvest! BottleCrop works without soil. So neither dirt nor snail can pollute the lettuce. The protective box can be opened at any time to marvel at roots growth. BottleCrop protects the environment in a modern way. So for instance it saves up to 97 percent of water compared to a field-grown lettuce.

Who needs this?

BottleCrop was developed for all the people who

  • don’t have an own garden.
  • like to grow herbs and vegetables in a modern and resource-conserving way.
  • EASILY want to try out hydroponics.
  • look for a reasonable and sustainable and lasting gift idea.
  • don’t like snails in the salad 🙂














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